Important Announcement

To promote the global success of YeFi and to further develop the YeFi ecosystem, we have gathered suggestions from the YeFi community and issued the following proposals:

· YEFI total supply: 21M

· 19.74M to be mined by the users

· 3% YEFI tokens of original total supply used for providing staking tokens, 50% to be burnt(1.26M)

· The daily computing power threshold to be set to 2M. If the number is not reached, 50% of the YEFI tokens mined that day are to be burnt

· Users are no longer required to burn bYEFI to upgrade to the next level. YEFI tokens can be burnt for an upgrade instead, users that already had bYEFI can still use it to upgrade

· Implementation of a truly decentralized Super Miner algorithm. Any user can become a Super Miner, provided their computing power is at least 50,000 and stake 200 YEFI tokens

· The voting will last 3days since 18:00(GMT+8) ,July 5th to 23:59(GMT+8), July 7th , based on 1YEFI = 1Vote mechanism, on

· If the approval votes outvote disapproval votes for 10%(or more) by the end of the event, the proposal will take effect.

Thanks you for your support

— — YEFI Foundation




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Network YEFI

Network YEFI

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