To promote the exponential growth of the ecosystem and to optimize the project’s operation, it is necessary to constantly adapt the platform according to the market trends and the needs of the community.

The following changes to the mechanism have been recently proposed by the community. Approved and tested by the developers, the proposed changes will become part of the new business model, encouraging more users to join the ecosystem and lay a solid foundation for 2.0.

Core changes:

1. The referral system based on invitation codes will no longer be a part of the mechanism.


Liquidity mining, also known as yield farming, has become one of the most popular uses for cryptocurrencies in 2021, with billions of dollars worth of crypto assets now locked up in farming platforms.

But while the practice is still picking up considerable momentum, a lack of innovation among yield farms has somewhat stifled enthusiasm — with copycats, clones, and low quality yield farms becoming more numerous by the day.

Nonetheless, there are a number of creative projects continuing to push the envelope, helping to further fuel the explosive growth of the yield farming space. …

After 3 days’ voting for the newest govnernance proposal of, community said YES! 75% total supply of YEFI token has been burnt from 84 million to 21 million just as same as bitcoin. The final voting result was 13262.2 approval vs 212.5 disapproval, and 89.7 abstention votes. See the voting result on

YEFI to da moon!

The community lies at the heart of the project. YEFI holders become a part of the project and take all the important governance decisions through an online voting mechanism. To top that up, they earn 2 times higher interest (up to 80% APY) by staking YEFI.
YEFI has been a top gainer since its launch in April (x6 value increase within a month).
Buy YeFi on Pancake Swap or MDEX; Smart contract address: 0x193b8230f594f63da50876eaf362177d1dca4a45
Stake YEFI in though any BSC-compatible wallet
Ask for your invitation code

To promote the global success of YeFi and to further develop the YeFi ecosystem, we have gathered suggestions from the YeFi community and issued the following proposals:

· YEFI total supply: 21M

· 19.74M to be mined by the users

· 3% YEFI tokens of original total supply used for providing staking tokens, 50% to be burnt(1.26M)

· The daily computing power threshold to be set to 2M. If the number is not reached, 50% of the YEFI tokens mined that day are to be burnt

· Users are no longer required to burn bYEFI to upgrade to the next…

In a highly volatile market like crypto, staking does not only earn you daily interest but also preserves the value of your assets. If the market enters a bear phase, and the value of an asset goes down, the interest earned while staking will overcompensate the loss. Now, during a bull run, it’s a double win. Your assets value gains + the interest earned, will sum up in an attractive profit. The bottom line is, staking is a new, more profitable way to HODL.
Get started with the YeFi staking DApp today, using any BSC-compatible wallet, and gain up to 80% APY!!!
BSC Smart contract address: 0x193b8230f594f63da50876eaf362177d1dca4a45
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Another Great News!! has passed the audit of another leading blockchain security company CertiK. We aim to build a top-level safety, user experience friendly, high compatible and profitable DeFi platform. The passed audit by CertiK brings confidence to the vast number of users in crypto industry. Users can directly search YEFI and find the full audit report on
YEFI to da moon!

Another great news for YeFi! Sufficient liquidity has been added into the PancakeSwap DEX. You can now buy YEFI through the PancakeSwap DApp with any BSC-compatible wallet. Remember, if you stake YEFI in the YeFi DApp, you get the most attractive returns at up to 80% APY.

Access YeFi staking DApp through any wallet that supports BSC and start making daily passive income today!
YEFI Smart Contract Address: 0x193b8230f594f63da50876eaf362177d1dca4a45

Join our TG group to start:

Ready to see YEFI among the top-gainers in the next few weeks? Buckle up and stand by for the launch date announcement!
Bittrex, one of the leading trading platforms known for its next-level security, fast transactions, and user-friendly experience. Listing on the Bittrex exchange will allow more users to buy YEFI tokens and enjoy the perks of earning passive income while mining liquidity in the YeFi DApp
Visual — YEFI to be listed on Bittrex

In less than half a month since YEFI went live on the WBF exchange, the YEFI price has increased by more than 830% and is showing a steady upward trend.

Network YEFI

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